Equipment Name Brand/Model Capacity Used For
PQ Analyser HIOKI-3197 690V/5000AC/LV SYSTEM Power Quality Analysis
Energy/Harmonics Meter Meco 4545 1000v AC/1500A/99th Order Energy /Harmonics Study
Thermal Imager Testo 875 9Hz/320x240 Pixels/Upto 280°C To find Hot Spots in Electrical distribution & Equipments
Comp. Air Data Logger VP Flow Scope Upto 150 nm/Sec & 16 Bar To Analyse & Record
Compressed Air Flow /
Testo 330 Kane Intl-U.K - 940 SO2/NOX/O2/CO/CO2.Excess
Air& Efficicency
To analyse Boiler
Ultrasonic Leak Detector EXAIR-USA 9061 20KHz-100KHz /Max
6 Meters Distance
To find out Air/Steam
Leaks in the System
U Tube Manometer NA 460mmWC Differential Pressure Measurement
Anemo meter Lutron -AM-4201 Upto 30m/sec Air Velocity Measurement
Lux Meter Kusa Meco KM- 100K Upto 100,000 lux To measure Lux level of a Lighting System
Diff Pressure Manometer KusamMeco KM-5440 Upto +/- 1500mmWC To measure Differential Pressure of an air system
Tachometer (Non-Contact) KM 2234 BL 5-9999 RPM To measure RPM of an revolving equipment
IR Thermometer Fluke 570 Upto 900 Deg C To measure Temperature of a point/Joint/Equipment