Intelligent - Motor Controller

Problems with Your Plant

  • Starting problems
  • wasted energy
  • Stopping problems
  • Peak demand penalty
  • Heat damage
  • voltage dips
  • nuisance tripping
  • Plant breakdown
  • unscheduled maintenance
  • Production down­time costs
  • water hammer
  • The need to upgrade mains supply
  • Brown­outs
  • The need to install expensive UPS systems
  • over­sized components
  • CO emissions
  • Frequent motor rewinds
  • Frequent contactor replacement
  • Suddenly You’re In Control

    How Does it work ?

    Utilizing a powerful micro processor embedded with unique control software, Motor Saver provides a simple and effective control solution to most fixed speed applications.

    By constantly monitoring the 'efficiency’ of the motor Motor Saver ensures that the input power to the motor is matched exactly to the load as it changes. Even the slightest variations in demand will be sensed and motor saver will respond ­ supplying full power to the motor if required in 1/100th of a second. Motor speed and full torque potential are not adversely affected in any way.

    Soft start and soft stop is incorporated on all 3 phase Motor Saver units. The robust soft start, capable of over 250 starts per day, provides smooth, stepless acceleration which dramatically reduces stress on mechanical transmissions. By eliminating high inrush currents, maximum demand can be reduced. Power factor will also be improved. Soft stop provides a gradual deceleration,particularly suitable for fluid pumping where abrupt stops create torque transients, which cause harmful water hammer effects.

    In short ­ Motor Saver will give the motor the exact amount of power it needs at any instant currents, maximum demand can be reduced. Power factor will also be improved in time – no more, no less.

    Why is it for?

    Any company that operates AC induction motor driven systems can benefit from Motor Saver. In reality, many motors are working significantly below their design capacity resulting in high levels of in efficiency. It is clear, if could intelligency monitor and reduce the power drawn by a motor to match its actual need under variable load conditions, you would open up an enormous energy savings opportunity.

    Where to apply Motor saver ?

    MotoSav is suitable for a wide variety of applications including:

    Air Agitators, Baggage handling, Bottling lines, Circular saws,CompressorsConveyors, Crushers, Die­casting machines, Escalators, Extruders,Grinders, Granulators, Injection­moulding, Hydraulic systems, Machine tools,Mixers & blenders, Oil Wells, Paper refiners, Pulpers, Presses, Pumps, refrigeration Sewing machines, Vacuum­forming Weaving , knitting, Ring Frame Spg, Doubling, in short any Constant speed application ,with Variable Loading pattern…