What Is Thermal Audit ..?

Thermal Audit is the Study of Efficiency/ Losses of an Industrial Heating System like Boilers & Furnaces.

Why Thermal Audit ..?
» In every Industrial Heating boilers &Furnaces the Most of the Energy / Money spent on the Input resources like Coal/Diesel/Furnace Oil are wasted in the form of Escaped Gases in the Stack and Heat thru’ the Skin & Openings etc...
» Also the Stack gases which escape with the excess input energy/materials, will also Pollute the atmosphere.
» Steam generated thru’ the boiler process, when transported to the end process “Leaks “ thru the pipe lines.
» Condensation of steam at process and pipe lines , is a Pure water.
» For the above reasons , it is intelligent to save the Energy being wasted in Boilers/Furnaces , not only as a Cost Saving Measure but also as a Social Cause .
What We Do ...?
» We analyse the existing Boiler / Furnace Operation
» We Study Flue Gas Composition
» We Study the Condensates that escapes thru ‘ the traps
» We study the Usefulness of the Steam after the Completion of the Task
» We Study the Operating Methods to Improve operating Efficiency
» Encon Recommendations