Harmonics Study

Harmonics are the distorted waveforms of Current/Voltage Created by Non –Linear Loads like Variable Speed Drives/Electronic Ballasts/ Computer power Supplies and any Electronic Load with Switch Mode Power Supply & Current Chopping Circuitry.

Harmonics Study

Harmonics waveforms have very high frequencies when compared to the fundamental waveforms. It , when super imposess on the fundamental Current/Voltage Waveforms, distorts the resultant waveforms.And there by the True Power Factor (KW/KVA) also distorts.

This results in REDUCTION in(useful)Active Power, which does the actual work , and INCREASE in Wattless (Waste)Power. Which results in INCREASED
( I²R) Lossess & Cable and Equipment Heat.

Harmonic Waveforms also …

  • Reduces the Equipment (Motors/Cables/Transformers etc..) Life

  • Increases the Demand

  • Increases the Equipment Size & Cost of Installation

  • Increases the circuit breakers/relays/Contactors malfunctioning

  • PLC/Microprocessor tripping etc....

  • Increased Down Time & Reduced Productivity

  • What We do..?

    We exactly study ...

  • The presence of Harmonics(V&I) THD & K- Factor

  • Analyse the Individual harmonic level(Upto 50th order)

  • Study the True Power Factor Level

  • Impacts Of Harmonics On Transformers

  • Voltage&Current Unbalances in the Network

  • Voltage Dips/Swells in the Network

  • Switching Transients & their Effects

  • Effects Of Capacitors Switching & Resonance

  • Impacts of Harmonics on Maximum Demand

  • Thermal Impacts of Harmonics on Power Distribution& Equipments

  • Recommendations of Suitable Harmonics Mitigation measures ...

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